I’m All In

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September 20, 2017  

John Hayes, CEO, talks about being All In

Every September, Ball Corporation celebrates Who We Are Month, taking pride in our people, culture and who we are as a company. Ball has taken great strides toward creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace and there is still work to be done. This month, join Charles Johnson as he has an open and candid conversation with John Hayes, chairman, president and chief executive officer, Ball Corporation, about the progress Ball has made in regards to diversity and inclusion and the challenges we face moving forward.

July 10, 2017  

Speak Inclusively

At Ball, we strive to create an inclusive work environment. Every day, you affect the people around you with your words.  Find out how you can use language that brings out the best in people, write emails that build relationships, and make people feel like they matter.  Learn how to speak up effectively by saying “OUCH” when someone uses inappropriate language and to let others know that there are better word choices.  Be part of the conversation and learn how to speak more inclusively.